Animated ute

Whether you have one van, or a fleet of them, the extra space on the sides could be put to good use as a mobile billboard for your business. Whenever you are on the road, your branding will be attracting plenty of attention, with a well designed, professional image getting your point across. We can create that professional look you need to attract and promote more customer enquiries.

After all, your van is an investment, so why not make it work for you at the same time.

We have worked on a lot of vans in our time, and some of the feedback we get from our clients speaks volumes for what we do. Some even say they can't go anywhere without somebody seeing their van and calling them to enquire about a job!

Van signage, (or any automotive signage), is a very cost effective form of advertising.

Lets say, for example:

You spend X amount of $$$ on a decent sized ad in a major phone directory. This ad will last for the contract period of 12 months. In that time, you need to rely on a potential client opening the book, choosing your ad over all the others in there, then calling you, (probably to talk you down on price because they have already called some of your competitors off the same page).

What chance do you rate yourself at getting the job?....and if you do get it, how much profit have you lost competing with the other companies that the client has spoken to?

What if you invested that same amount of $$$ in having your van professionally signed?

  • Clients who see your van, aren't seeing ads from your competition at the same time!
  • Your signage is going to last for a number of years, hence, spreading the cost of your investment over those years. Not 12 months as per the phone directory!
  • You'll have a 24/7 mobile advertisement for your business!

To start getting more enquiries to your business, call us today to find out how we can help you achieve this!