Animated ute

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are fast becoming a popular and cost effective form of advertising. We can design and implement a strategy for you to get many more customer enquiries by having your car, van, ute or truck fully wrapped with your branding and business details.

How? By designing a meaningful and relevant image that will make people want to look!

Using colour, shadowing, blending, photographic images and other special effects, to really make your company stand out from the crowd.
You will be pleasantly surprised at just how many extra enquiries you will receive by having a professionally designed and installed wrap on your vehicle.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase your brand awareness and your business profile with a design that has IMPACT.
  • Receive new customer enquiries, whether you are driving or even parked.
  • Cost effective. Example: Lets say you spend $5000 on a reasonable sized ad in a major phone directory. This ad is for 12 months and you have to rely on potential clients to open up the book, pick your ad from the myriad of all your competitors ads, client then phones you for a quote, and will then probably tell you that someone else he called from another ad, has given him a better price! Then at the end of the 12 months, it's time to pay for your next ad, another $5000 (or more, as they seem to go up every year). Now lets suppose you spent that initial $5000 on wrapping your company van. It is seen every day in public, who knows how many prospective clients will see your van? Driving or parked, it will attract attention.
  • What's the best part? Our wraps are guaranteed for up to three years, they will go a lot longer with regular care and cleaning. So instead of that $5000 gone in one year, you've actually had three to five years worth of mobile "in your face" advertising, for around the same cost as the directory ad would have been for one year!
  • Highest available quality of materials. We only use 3M Auto Wrap vinyl and laminate. While being a little more expensive than other brands, we believe it to be the best in the market place, to produce great outcomes for our clients.
  • Wrapping a vehicle from new. A vehicle wrap also acts as a paint protectant. When we wrap your brand new vehicle, the paint will be hidden underneath, away from the elements for the next few years. Remove the wrap after this time to reveal pristine paintwork underneath, just like it was straight out of the showroom. This will add resale value when trading your company vehicle on the next one

Call us today, if you would like to be getting more client enquiries and sales from your vehicle advertising.