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How long will my signs last?

We use a minimum of 5 - 7 year vinyls for the majority of our signs. Materials used for vehicle wraps are 7 year films with matching clear over-laminate. Digitally printed inks will last 3-5 years depending on amount of sun exposure. A vehicle wrap will typically last 4 to 5 years. For short ad campaigns of say, 6 months, we would use lower grade materials.

Can the signs be removed if I sell the vehicle?

Yes. All vinyls can be removed at a later date, providing the paintwork on the vehicle was in good condition when signage was installed. Different brands of vinyl react differently to weather / sun. Some will be easier to remove than others. If you have any problems, please give us a call.

Will I receive a proof or picture of my sign before it is produced?

Yes. Once we have given you a quote for the job and you have accepted and placed an order, (including payment of deposit, if required), we would then design the artwork and email to you for approval or changes. We do not commence work until you have given final approval.

Do you make other things apart from signs?

Yes. We design and print business cards, flyers and fridge magnets to name a few.

Can you design a logo if I was starting a new business?

Yes. We often design logos for businesses that can be duplicated across all of their signage/advertising. In fact, a lot of new business clients come to us and receive a "package deal" which could include signage for a shop front, a couple of vehicles and maybe some business cards for example. You could usually save a few dollars by having it all done together.

Can I have a copy of the logo you designed so I can use it for other things such as workshirts or letterheads?

Yes. We will supply it free of charge.

I only need a couple of small stickers or a small sign. Do you cater for small jobs?

Yes, we will do any sized job.

I want some magnetic signs for my car but I have heard that they can damage the paintwork. Is this true?

Yes. Damage to paintwork can happen if the signs are not looked after properly. We have supplied many magnetic signs and with them, we include an information sheet on how best to care for the signs.  If you follow these simple guidelines, you will get years out of your signs without damaging the paintwork on your car.