Animated ute

Dress your car up with a vinyl wrap, part wrap, or great looking signage to promote your business 24/7. A good looking and professional looking vehicle will drive sales to your business. Increase your brand awareness while you're on the road. From an elegant, discreet design, right up to a V8 Supercar lookalike, your car can be turning heads and increasing sales enquiries to your business.

We use only the best quality materials and processes for all of our automotive signage.

If it's something a little different that you're after, maybe a "colour change" wrap could be the answer. Say you are purchasing a new vehicle but there is only a limited number of colours in which that particular vehicle is available in. Have your vehicle wrapped in the colour of your choice, including new "limited edition" matt metallic colours that are now available in the market place.

There are a number of benefits in doing this:

  • You get the car you want, in the colour you want. It could even be one of a kind, if you choose a colour that would rarely be seen on that model!
  • Vinyl wrapping also doubles as a paint protectant. Have your new vehicle wrapped, even before you take delivery. Then in four to five years time, when the wrap has passed it's prime, easily remove the wrap to reveal pristine paintwork underneath, (looking like it has just been driven out of the showroom)! During the period of the wrap, there has been no exposure to weather or the elements. This "as new" looking paintwork, will add resale value to the vehicle!
  • If you're keeping the vehicle after four or five years, why not have it re-wrapped in a totally different colour. It will be like having a new car all over again!

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