Animated ute

Greg Harrington, Sales Manager Redsell Air Conditioning & Electrical, Morayfield, Qld.

Hi Megan and Brian, I wanted to thank you for your excellent workmanship on my new boat name which you completed recently. When I handed you the rough sketches Brian, I was not expecting for the end result to be as perfect as it has turned out. The designs you had made are to the letter for what I asked for in colour, height and perspective. They look just like the images I wanted from the ideas I gave you to work from even though you had to free draw the entire design! I really appreciate the hard work that you obviously put into my job and the results show that my faith in your business was well placed. I have already had a massive amount of interest in the name, works from here and overseas, where a picture of the boat is now on two separate websites. Thanks again for your hard work and a painless process from design to completion. I look forward to working with you in the future on my next project. In short… It’s friggan awesome!