Animated ute

Vehicle Signage Templates

Every vehicle is different. We have some vehicle templates on file that we can share with you. In the instance where we do not have a template there is a system we follow to ensure that the artwork fit's accurately to the vehicle. Please contact us to obtain this information.

A-Frame Templates

Most A-Frames are set to 900mm high x 600mm wide. They are a standard size. The larger A-Frames are 1200mm high x 900mm wide. Check with your local council as to their signage regulations. Most councils do not allow the large A-Frames in built-up traffic areas.

Banner Templates

It is important when designing artwork for a banner to allow for any seams, eyelets or bleed. Consider this or ask before designing as it can save you a lot of rework.

Pull Up Banner Templates

Pull-Up banners come in various sizes. Typically speaking they are 1500mm high x 850mm wide and 2100mm high x 850mm wide. There are other sizes available upon request.